Who is Tina?

by | Jun 30, 2022 | News

Meet Tina Moulynox , our new Engineering Services Manager.


Tina manages our engineering team, from recruitment to development, planning and all the support in-between.


Tina, Welcome to Kinetics – You’ve been here a few weeks now – When did you actually start?

I joined on 26th April 2022.

So, what were you doing before this role? 

My previous role was Head of End User Experience (a fancy name for Field Services).

Why did you change?  And more specifically, why did you choose to join Kinetics – what were you looking for? 

I took a hiatus for about 6 months, while I decided what I wanted to do, I love people leadership, mentoring and growing of people,.  When my agency I was working with called me with an opportunity, that they thought fitted my brief we had discussed.

Have you found it? What are your first impressions?

The agency was right.  I wanted to work with a company that has similar values to mine, has a supportive leadership and people structure and feels like a family.  My first impressions were ‘what a great bunch of people’  From my first day I have felt welcomed and my opinion is valued.

What can our clients expect to see under your leadership? 

Our clients can expect to see a team of people who strive to give them the best customer service.

How about your team? What are your expectations for them and where do you see them in say 3 years time? 

My team can expect to be supported and helped to grow into the field they aspire to.  We have a long journey to go on, we will be ever evolving.  They have given me a good foundation of what’s important to them.

Finally, it’s pretty stressful in these day-to-day roles where every moment brings new challenges. How do you unwind? 

I really enjoy the challenges of the role, it keeps me on my toes, no two days are alike.  I love spending time with family and friends.  My two children keep me pretty busy, I coach my daughters netball team and manage my sons basketball team and get heavily involved with helping at school.  In my spare time I like to bake, swim and walk.

Welcome aboard Tina!