Why you should care about BlueKeep

by | Jul 11, 2019 | News

Regular readers will know that we are fanatical about updates and patches for all critical software.  The world is more connected and the cyber-crime community is more organised and determined than ever.

If you think cyber-criminals are teenage kids working from home, think again!

We’re seeing more and more hack attempts every day and BlueKeep is just the latest.  (Also this week, we note that in the recent tensions in the Hormuz Straits, one of the apparent push-backs looks to be some state-sanctioned disruption by the Iranian Government – you can see the details below.) The resolution to this is to use multi-factor authentication for your Office 365 – something we recommend for all users.

So, Bluekeep hits servers via a protocol that’s normally part of remote servers (RDP).  It was only discovered in May and the vulnerability is so severe that Microsoft have even released updates for unsupported versions of software back to Windows XP.  The explanation talks about ‘self-propagating worms’, but irrespective, the answer is to patch your operating system, and to do it now!