What will the 20’s decade bring?

There’s a debate raging in our office as to whether the new decade begins this year, 2020, or next, 2021.  Regardless, we can all agree on the vast change in everyday technology since 2010. It’s a great time to reflect on what we might see in the next ten years, using the massive rate of change over the last ten.  Back in 2010, could we ever [...]

Is your Bluetooth safe?

Bluetooth has become ubiquitous.  We use it to connect our phones, laptops, keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, cars – more and more each day. Even watches now! It seems to have got easier, maybe because we’re so practised with it.  Bluetooth is everywhere.   Hackers like to go after things that are in common use.  That makes sense, [...]


It’s a point of pride among many users to immediately swap out their default web browser on Windows from Edge to something else.   To be fair, that’s because Microsoft’s past browsers have fallen behind the marketplace – other browsers are faster and more compatible with more websites.  In fact, we found some of the various support and admin [...]

Taking your business to Azure Cloud – and beyond

We’ve all heard the benefits of moving to cloud. There’s the ability to scale resources up and down, a reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs, easy accessibility, and improved security, compliance and disaster recovery, with your data housed in highly secure data centres. Gartner has forecast the public cloud market services market to [...]


When premier New Zealand law firm Mayne Wetherell’s on-premise servers hit end of life, they had two options: Invest in new servers or find a new way of running their IT. A Kinetics best practice IT review shone a light on the company’s stakeholder obligations and highlighted their business goals and priorities, enabling us to create an IT strategy [...]

Christmas is the season for… (Our Christmas hours)

For some, Christmas is the season for relaxing and enjoying.  For others it is work, work work!   While a number of our clients take a well-earned break at this time of year, it's the busy season for others. We have a crew working every business day through the holiday season and rostered support for after hours including [...]

How FlightPlan helped a leading legal firm

Every year, premier Kiwi law firm Mayne Wetherell takes on up to 8 graduates and summer clerks as part of its popular recruitment programme.  But on-premise hardware and perpetually licensed software are not by their nature made for rapidly scaling services up and down. Add to the mix an ageing IT infrastructure and you’ve got the perfect [...]

Excel’s Best Ideas

(It used to be called ‘Insights’ ). It’s Excel’s attempt to make you look smarter and more thoughtful. Simply start with a table (not a pivot table) of data, and hit the idea’s button and see what comes. Based on my experimentation, it gets a little confused with formatting and ‘total’ lines in data, so you may need to [...]

Security, Security, Security

This is an important conference for us and we now go each year to what is possibly the biggest gathering of IT firms like Kinetics, to learn the latest trends and tools to ensure we’re at the forefront of best practice for our clients. As with previous years, we pick up a few hints on how to run ourselves better, and on what other IT businesses are [...]