The Spectre of a Meltdown

The Spectre of a Meltdown - 2018 starts with a security headache. Unhappily, our New Year starts by warning you about yet more security vulnerabilities. Whoever names these must have a lot of fun! Spectre and Meltdown are the latest, and these two effect virtually every modern machine, including Mac, Tablet and Phone. These can be triggered in many ways, [...]

Christmas 2017

Its Christmas time again and the signs are its going to be great summer.  No matter how good the weather is, we know that many of us need to keep in touch with our clients and our business. Kinetics will be open every business day other than statutory holidays.  Evenings and weekends our on-call staff are available to assist if needed, at our [...]

4 Reasons IT training SUCKS!

  No matter how amazing a training course is, how effective the trainer is and how much was learnt on the day, if the learning isn't applied back at your desk, you quickly forget. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It's imperative people take what was learnt and apply it as soon as possible after attending training. It needs to be [...]

KRACK Wireless Access Vulnerability

It’s been all over the news that the dastardly hackers have struck again, this time hitting your favourite wireless.  According to some reports, the world will end (again!). Firstly, its true : this week has seen the public release of information about a vulnerability with Wi-Fi access.  As with all breaking news details can differ between [...]

Another Scammer example

  The scammers never stop.  This latest attempt is extremely poorly written.  But when you follow the link it's a passable representation of the Office 365 website. Even thought this looks so clunky, it fools some people... It is easy to image someone under time pressure, clearing lots of backlog emails and not reading carefully enough but [...]

Giving clients better response times

To speed up our service, we’ve introduced a new ‘ticket’ (job) logging system. This is in additional option to ringing us or emailing our ‘support’ email team.  Each of these systems works but are relatively manual.  We know that phone calls tie up your time as we write down details and transcribe them into our database.  Emailing our [...]

New cool stuff in your Office 365

Microsoft are continually updating Office 365 with awesome new tools and more efficient ways of working.  Keeping up with these and learning how to use them is a big challenge, which is why we created the Kambium service in our computer coaching business. Here are a few of the latest and greatest Office 365 additions... You can now see [...]

Macs are the latest victims of ransomware

According to Veeam the number of ransomware attacks has jumped 6000% since 2015-16.  There is an interesting correlation between the increase in ransom attacks and the increase in value of bitcoins! Bitcoin value in NZ dollars.  Source Google Finance   Now we near that Mac’s are being locked and held to ransom. has [...]

No excuses for ugly PowerPoint slides

Not everyone has an eye for design – particularly when it comes to PowerPoint. Now you can get PowerPoint to design your slides for you. 1.  Add the text and content you wish to display on your slide.  The content can't be too complicated or you won't get any design ideas.  Here was our raw content: 2.  Click Design, [...]

Sensing your office Vibe

As Kinetics had grown, our ability to understand what everyone in the team is feeling or thinking has diminished.  The distance that growth brings between staff and managers creates doubts and misunderstandings that can be hard to see.  More and more we have found ourselves surprised by the urban myths or beliefs that circulate teams without our [...]