3 tips to get 15 more minutes in your day

There is NEVER enough time in the day. Deadlines loom, interruptions are constant and your to-do list seems to grow, not shrink. Such are the joys of most workplaces in 2018/2019.  So here are three simple (free) things you can do to win back 15 minutes each day.  (actually mileage may vary – I actually think its closer to an hour a [...]

3 things to look forward to when you go back to work in 2019!

I've got as much (or as little) idea about 2019 as most readers. Inevitably there will be wins and losses, hits and misses, opportunities as well as headaches. But one thing is for sure - there will be changes! Kinetics is changing - we're finding more and more of our business is moving into people, and business advice.  Having IT work is one thing, [...]

Why me?

In November alone we’ve seen :- A small manufacturing business in Onehunga was infected by ransomware (unfortunately just as we were moving them onto our KARE system – if only that had started a few weeks earlier, we could have prevented it!) – cost $5,000 US in Bitcoins. A reasonable sized kiwi construction firm had their invoices [...]

Cake Group Case Study – making paperless real

Founded in New Zealand in 2003, Cake Commercial Services is a world leader in corrosion mitigation. With local and international customers, Cake required greater visibility of health and safety and job status - both internally and for their clients. Kinetics helped Cake fully utilise the power of Office 365, working with them to redefine [...]

When words fail you

If you are like me, sometimes you don't know the right words to type into the "help" search. Lucky for us, Office is keen to help. It's there to help us. Our friends at Kambium have explained it in the video below, or you can give it a try yourself! In the sample below, I wanted to highlight all the cells in Excel where the data meets a [...]

Is it too soon for Christmas Mince Pies?

It was Labour Weekend when I saw my first Christmas Mince pies in the shops.  I don't go to the shops terribly often so they may have been available for a while.  It wouldn't surprise me to see Easter Eggs out as well! If you are having a Christmas shutdown or reducing to a skeleton staff,  the Christmas/New Year period is an excellent [...]

Microsoft ‘harmonises’ (increases) the price of Office 365 in New Zealand

Clients will appreciate that Kinetics has kept it’s hourly rates and support costs flat for a number of years.  It's getting increasingly hard to do that under the pressure of increased salaries and input costs. We’ll continue to keep maintain pricing as long as we can, although we will need to make a small adjustment in the next few [...]

When your passwords gets stolen!!

There’s nothing like receiving an email like the one below to scare the hell out of you! One of our clients received this beauty last month. As you can imagine, they were horrified. We’re pretty confident that, despite the accusation, that they hadn’t in fact visited any porn sites. Nevertheless, it made them understandably uncomfortable. So [...]

Zero-Trust Networking for real business?

Humans like to trust.  We trust everyday as we drive down the street that the people coming the other way will stay in their lane.  We trust that the restaurants we visit prepare our food properly and hygienically. We trust that our doctor knows what they are doing when they give advice and so on.  It's natural to trust. With so many threats - [...]

When good updates go bad!

Regular readers will know that we are strong proponents of keeping software up-to-date to reduce security risks. While updates typically add new features, they also address any bugs that have been found, and overcome any software vulnerabilities. Over the years, this has stopped all-manner of hackers from causing harm.  In fact, our 'Kinetics KARE' service [...]