IT that makes a difference

Great IT helps organisations do more, be more.
Our services create reliable IT that lets you work from anywhere, with comprehensive cybersecurity
and skills to use your tools to their fullest – so you can work smarter.


Ensure your devices are operating to their potential, enabling productivity instead of frustrating it. We cover desktop, laptop and mobile devices.


Migrate to a truly modern workplace with remote workers who can operate without any loss of visibility, connectedness or security.


Reduce your risk from cyber-threats.  Every organisation is at risk from increasingly sophisticated attacks.  Choose a level of security service appropriate to you.


Make the most of technology to transform process and your level of service.  Adoption and change management unlocks the power of your tools.


Use IT to transform your organisation by leveraging our expertise and knowledge.  Do what you never thought possible with our help.

The core of what we do

“We help our clients use IT as a competitive advantage. Of course we provide network support and cyber-security protection etc, but digital transformation is where we really make a difference. 


What do we mean by ‘digital transformation’? Simply this – we help organisations figure out where and what IT will have the biggest impact and work with them to make that a reality. 

So we help with a mix of consulting, IT expertise and change management.”


– Andrew Hunt, Kinetics Founder and Managing Director


Your IT partner needs to do more than simply keep your “IT lights on”

They need to make your business more successful

About us

In a nutshell

Kinetics is an award winning IT support and solutions company, with a range of options to meet your requirements for value and confidence.

So many awards...

Microsoft NZ's 2017 Country Partner and Cloud Productivity Partner of the year, and 2013 global winner of Microsofts' Small Business Partner of the Year.

The most certified

We have more Microsoft certifications than any other IT company supporting medium sized business.

Stable Management

We started 25 years ago, with some of our earliest employees still with us. The leaders of the company you deal with today, will be here tomorrow.

We've seen it all

Since 1996 we have evolved, grown and matured with the IT industry to help our clients stay ahead.

Over 25 engineers

We have the capacity and expertise to support your business IT requirements.

We'd love to talk

Find out how we might solve your business needs by getting in touch.

Mayne Wetherell


‘Kinetics have individuals who are our point of contact for projects  – so rather than being a faceless organisation where we get a different person every time we speak to someone, there’s very much a project owner who will be with us the entire journey.”

Eliot Sinclair & Partners

“I thought I had a pretty good grip on our business systems and IT requirements but the Flightplan helped uncover issues that I wasn’t aware of.  As such we were able to plan address them and 6 months on, we have completed 60% of the tasks that were identified”.

Cake Group

“Everyone talks about going paperless. But really achieving that has enabled us real-time feedback on health and safety on-site, our quality compliance has increased massively and our clients now have live access to work we are carrying out for them”

Do you want amazing IT?


We’d love to help you have IT that makes your organisation more effective and more efficient.

Get in touch.  You might be surprised at what is possible.

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