Webinar: is your IT Partner missing the point?

  Most IT support partners miss the most important task of all. ie what does it really take to be a valued IT Partner All IT partners will talk to you about tickets, capacity planning and life cycle replacements, cloud migrations and cyber security. But that’s just table-stakes.  There’s something [...]

Plucking the low-hanging fruit!

We recently moved our phones to Microsoft Teams. It’s an increasingly common configuration and means we have a single programme for our real-time collaboration. There’s nothing like a project that removes infrastructure and risk. We have less to maintain, but we can do so much more than we could before. It’s easier to setup conference calls and [...]

What is Double Key Encryption and why should you care?

Like the name suggests, this is even MORE secure than the levels of encryption previously seen.  Microsoft are saying that you need it if: You want to ensure that only you can ever decrypt protected content, under any circumstance. You don't want Microsoft to have access to protected data on its own. You have regulatory requirements to hold [...]

Our FIVE favourite new features in Teams – which ones did you know about?

Its hard to imagine working through the lockdown without fast fibre internet connections and tools like Microsoft Teams.   There is nothing like an imperative to help us drive change and we have seen that with Teams evolving rapidly to meet market needs.  Here are our top FIVE recent enhancements.  How many did you know about already? 1. - you can now [...]

How does a ransomware attack start?

When you read about the ransomware attacks, such as those on Honda, Garmin, Toll, Fisher and Paykel and Lion, it’s easy to think these attacks only target large enterprises. Unfortunately, that would be a mistaken view. The reality is that all businesses are under ever increasing attacks – not just more attacks but also more sophisticated [...]

Have you noticed the dictate button in your Microsoft Office toolbar?

Coming shortly will be a new Transcribe feature which allows you upload an audio file, and Office will turn that directly into text. The transcription is saved into your OneDrive account in a new transcribed files folder. The difference is that "Dictate" takes your voice in real time and puts it directly into the document that's open in front of [...]

International eSecurity Compliance

It feels it's like a daily occurrence for one of our clients to be asking for assistance with a security compliance questionnaire from their client. Most of these are being driven by corporates with international footprints. This becomes complex as each jurisdiction has its own legislation and additional specific industry compliance. Firstly, you [...]

Damn – I just “corrupted” that document

It happens to all of us. The IT geeks tell us all to save our work to the cloud (or server for those still  to move), but it’s just so convenient to have it on the desktop. We all do it.  It could be a spreadsheet you want to work on or a document that a client shared with you, or an email attachment.  Maybe you just wanted the file for a meeting, [...]

3,102 reported cyber-security incidents in NZ for first half 2020.

The numbers are staggering.  We always get a few clients saying "My organisation is too small, cyber-criminals won't attack us".  We can state with absolute certainty that this is a fallacy. Remember that not every incident gets reported.  Hopefully as awareness grows about CertNZ, they will get more reports, but even now, its very evident that [...]