Can you keep me safe?

by | Apr 1, 2019 | News

We’ve shared a few security stories lately, and we know its hair raising stuff.

The reality is that any organisation is a target for these hackers. It’s no longer about cyber-vandalism, these attacks are outright theft. The thieves are operating from highly organised operations, often set up as businesses themselves.

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Firstly, as with any risk of theft, insurance should factor highly. We’re not experts at insurance but we have given it some thought : [wow_colorme]Three-cyber-insurance-questions-you-need-to-consider [/wow_colorme]

Secondly, what about IT measures? We know that insurance work on an ‘all reasonable steps’ basis. That of course is the trick. What used to be reasonable simply isn’t any longer.

Customers on our [wow_colorme]proactive KARE plans[/wow_colorme] “Core Fundamentals” and “Premium KARE” already enjoy the basics of protection – updates, anti-virus and active backups. But now we need to add new services, and they come at a cost – both financial and as an inconvenience. We’ve called that [wow_colorme]KARE for Security[/wow_colorme] and it adds a layer of protection to your existing KARE.

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We must stress, that these plans can only reduce your risk. There is always more that can be done, albeit with diminishing returns.  Even so, these hackers and thieves don’t stand still. There is no 100% solution and anyone promising you complete protection is, unfortunately, making a promise they simply can’t keep.