What can you expect to see as Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365?

Whenever Microsoft say they are changing something to make it less confusing, most of us get a little cynical.  The reality is that there are so many Microsoft tools we use every day, that it can be confusing,  From Windows to Office to Teams to Dynamics and Azure, there is a huge product range and some of these are sold in bundles that work across these [...]

Is your phone one of the 25M infected Android phones?

Agent Smith is the name of the somewhat dry villain character in the Matrix movie trilogy from the late 90's.  He appears everywhere, instantly, taking over legitimate personas and replacing them with himself. So is a well-named virus (actually Malware) that's infecting Android phones by the millions.  It spreads when a user downloads an app that's [...]

Will this really ‘break’ the internet?

There's nothing worse than accidentally clicking on a daft click-bait link that re-directs you to a dodgy, untrustworthy website.  They are all too common, with news you can't trust, and who-knows-what malware.  We're increasingly able to block the worst sites with our reputation-based web protection, but nothing is impervious. Even for the [...]