How secure is your cloud IT? Is it as safe as you expect?

by | Mar 28, 2024 | News, Security

Your cloud computing can be safe and secure, or open and vulnerable – the choice is yours.

With the rise of hacker activity and cybercrime, it’s essential to lock down your cloud and protect it from threats. For most businesses, the standard 365 settings aren’t enough, and they need to be set to meet the expectations and needs of the individual business.

That’s where KARE Foundation comes in. We implement policies, add protective layers, and monitor your Microsoft 365 for abnormal usage patterns. In this video, we deep-dive, alongside our strategic partner Augmentt, and showcase the proactive and reactive capabilities we use to safeguard our clients’ Microsoft 365 tenants.

We discuss “Shadow IT” – the discrepancy between the tools you think your employees are using and the ones they’re actually using – and share strategies to mitigate the resulting risks, waste, and compliance issues.