Is your Teams calling giving the actionable data you need?

by | Feb 21, 2024 | News

Like many businesses, we rely on Microsoft Teams for our messaging and voice/video calling  It’s easy to use, works well on all our devices and is highly reliable.

But the standard reporting wasn’t working for us.

We were completely frustrated

We knew our configuration wasn’t routing calls efficiently and we knew we weren’t matching the call demand peaks and troughs as well as we could.  But we didn’t have decent data to help us minimise this and improve our call performance.

It was time for a change.

Like any IT business problem, we got down to analysing the problem and looking around for solutions.  We have the advantage that this is what we do for clients day in, day out.  So we knew we could easily do it for ourselves.

In this case, we worked with our telecommuniations partner, Vorco.  We jointly designed a report to provide us with exactly what we needed to improve our call management.

Even better, they made this report FREE to their clients, so we’d like to give them a huge shout-out!

Vorco NZ | Teams Call Reporting

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