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What are we about?

"Who" is sometimes just as important as "what"? As a client, you know what we do.  But we thought you might want to know more about "who we are".  By that we mean, "what are we about". When you boil it down, the Kinetics mission is to help our communities.  That is what we are about. We primarily try to achieve this by helping organisations be [...]

Not that Flash

Adobe Flash is no longer. For so long, Flash has been a mainstream of internet web pages, giving us animated graphic experiences in place of what used to be mundane screens. It's about 25 years old, and back then, was quite a revelation. Initially you might recall the name ‘Macromedia Flash’, until Adobe paid US$3.4B for it in 2005. That [...]

Cyber-risk mitigation – why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is vital, but NOT enough

We keep making the point that nothing can guarantee you won’t be hacked. But you can, and must, mitigate your cyber-risk. We think tools like Multi-Factor Authentication is crucial for protecting your IT systems – and MFA should be on EVERYTHING you use – your email and documents (Office 365), your financials (e.g. Xero), your CRM tools, your [...]

What are your 2021 New Years (IT) Resolutions?

It's a new year and who knows what it will bring? COVID vaccines or not, 2021 is bound to have surprises. One prediction we can make with absolute confidence is that we need to be more careful than ever about protecting our data from ever-increasing computer security threats.  As we keep saying, you can't eliminate the risk, but you can reduce [...]

The Worst Hack in US History

In the last week, we’ve seen two major successful attacks on critical US IT management and Cyber security tools. The first we learned about was on FireEye, which is one of the leading and most trusted cyber security tools, used by much of the Fortune 500.  The second one that we read about was Solarwinds ‘Orion’ - a well-known and commonly [...]

Look out for more ransomware in 2021

2020 saw a crazy amount of ransomware attacks.  We've warned repeatedly of the increasing sophistication and organisation of these bad actors.  Names like RangarLocker and  are cyber-businesses or do it yourself cyber-crime kitsets designed to cause havoc for you and profit for the perpetrators. Snipers, not shotguns - Expect more targeted [...]

Windows 7 slips quietly away

COVID : Lockdowns, work from home, toilet paper shortages, return to level 3, hand cleaners, level 2, mask envy, normality (kind of), lockdown again, election(s), housing market and more.  Perhaps the only thing we can be sure of is that the surprises are not over yet. With all this going on, it is easy to have missed a milestone from the start of [...]

Christmas Warning

It will soon be the holiday season and with all that good cheer and stress, comes the seasonal scammers. Christmas brings a predicable surge in holiday related scams. Scammers know that their success rate will go up for four common scan types. Fedex and UPS phishing emails have been around for years. A COVID-19 Christmas, with its associated [...]

What’s new in Microsoft Office for the end of 2020?

While there are few things as annoying as Office occasionally pausing to install new features, there is a benefit in the new abilities you get. While the timing always seems to be terrible, it should save you time in the long run. Here’s three of the updates coming through now : Translate overseas emails! First, when you receive a message in [...]