News from Kinetics

Christchurch YMCA

Prior to meeting Kinetics, poor IT was threatening the services YMCA Christchurch provides to the community. Despite substantial investment in on-premise IT systems, reliability and performance was so poor that at times staff were not able to effectively do their jobs. Users had no faith in their IT systems and were frustrated that things were always so [...]

Ross Roof

​Ross Roof is an innovative and dynamic manufacturer and supplier of stone-coated steel roofing tiles. Established in 1989, Ross Roof has spent the last quarter-century supplying architects, construction firms and homeowners with superior tiles which is both pleasing to the eye and designed to withstand the elements. The Directors decided on [...]

Unitec Early Learning Centre

With 22 teachers producing individual "Learning Stories" for each child under their care, Unitec Early Learning Centre (UELC) knew they weren't doing things as efficiently as they could. Multiple versions of multiple software applications were being used to create Learning Stories, of varying quality and consistency. So they called Kinetics in to [...]

What users hate about IT at work (and how to fix it)

Most office workers spend over 5 hours a day at their computer, and even more working through mobile devices.  When your work day revolves so much around your computer experience, it's obvious that it's key factor in workplace satisfaction and in daily productivity.   So we've looked around the internet to get an understanding of what the key [...]

The $30 Virtual Reality Experience – Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality's been grabbing some attention lately.  Hololens, Oculus Rift etc are all exciting new technologies to give us this 'virtual reality' world.  But they're all still 'coming' and they look expensive.  Luckily we don't have to wait, and we don't have to spend big bucks.  Google Cardboard is here now. I found a couple of viewers at the [...]

Microsoft Surface Power Cord – Voluntary Recall

We've just learned that Microsoft has initiated a voluntary recall for AC power cords (the cord that plugs into an electrical outlet) sold with the Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 2, and with any Microsoft Surface Pro 3 purchased prior to July 15, 2015 (“pre-July 15, 2015 Surface Pro 3”). This is being done in cooperation with various [...]

(Yet more) Ransomware Bugs and Virus

While we've been enjoying a great kiwi summer, it seems the virus writers and hackers have been busy.  They've unleashed new variant's of the ransomware viruses, but this time the old trick of looking for poor English isn't working - the language looks more credible.  Examples we saw yesterday include the traffic infringement notice below, links to files [...]

Our favourite ‘surviving the madness’ holiday app!

With the annual bustle of Christmas upon us, our office conversation turned to mobile phone apps on Friday.  The surprise was that some of our tech-savvy team were still unaware of the magic of Google Maps to beat traffic. So, here's the secret to my sanity!  For a route you know well, a destination that very familiar, it seems a bit mad to have [...]

Keep your OneDrive space

We warned you a few weeks ago about a space reduction coming for OneDrive. All is not lost! With changes coming to reduce the free space you get with OneDrive - you CAN keep your space - so if your family photos and all your music are in OneDrive then this is for you - to keep your existing bonus Microsoft ‪#‎onedrive‬ storage Opt-in here [...]

We’d rather be writing about cool stuff, but there’s more Phishing to warn you about

We'd rather be writing about positive exciting things, like our favourite mobile apps, or industry trends and how they relate to our clients.  Unfortunately, the hackers keep taking our attention.  Here's the latest one today - and doesn't it look authentic!   The first clue is that it wasn't expected.  'Jany' is unknown.   The second [...]