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Get a free copy of our COVID19 Business Readiness Kit

In this kit,we’ll take a look at how you can effectively check your systems, processes, and people are ready for the impacts of COVID19.       We’ll explore the key things you need to consider relating to:       The tools you use and how to check whether your staff can operate equally [...]

Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) and your IT

Whether this is a event or not, it's certainly having an impact.  As I write this, there are stories of panic buying of hand sanitiser and face masks at the local supermarkets. That means it's inevitable you will ask us what we are doing about the Coronavirus, and your stakeholders are probably asking you. At the time of writing, there are [...]

Google Chrome – Urgent Security Warning

    Google has reported a security issue in the Chrome browser. This issue is known to attackers and it is already being exploited by some. All versions of Chrome are affected.   Google have released an update for Windows, Mac and Linux users. There is not yet an update available for Mobile Devices (IOS or Android) or [...]

Are you really at threat from Cyber-Crime? 2 trillion reasons to say YES.

In New Zealand, the National Cyber Security Centre (NZ Govt - ) reports they reduced harm in NZ by $27.7 million in 2018/19. We know that’s just the tip of the iceberg – most cyber crime still goes unreported and certainly doesn’t get stopped by the NZSC. In fact, only 339 incidents were reported to them – but still, that’s a $100,000 per [...]

What will the 20’s decade bring?

There’s a debate raging in our office as to whether the new decade begins this year, 2020, or next, 2021.  Regardless, we can all agree on the vast change in everyday technology since 2010. It’s a great time to reflect on what we might see in the next ten years, using the massive rate of change over the last ten.  Back in 2010, could we ever [...]

Is your Bluetooth safe?

Bluetooth has become ubiquitous.  We use it to connect our phones, laptops, keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, cars – more and more each day. Even watches now! It seems to have got easier, maybe because we’re so practised with it.  Bluetooth is everywhere.   Hackers like to go after things that are in common use.  That makes sense, [...]


It’s a point of pride among many users to immediately swap out their default web browser on Windows from Edge to something else.   To be fair, that’s because Microsoft’s past browsers have fallen behind the marketplace – other browsers are faster and more compatible with more websites.  In fact, we found some of the various support and admin [...]

Taking your business to Azure Cloud – and beyond

We’ve all heard the benefits of moving to cloud. There’s the ability to scale resources up and down, a reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs, easy accessibility, and improved security, compliance and disaster recovery, with your data housed in highly secure data centres. Gartner has forecast the public cloud market services market to [...]


When premier New Zealand law firm Mayne Wetherell’s on-premise servers hit end of life, they had two options: Invest in new servers or find a new way of running their IT. A Kinetics best practice IT review shone a light on the company’s stakeholder obligations and highlighted their business goals and priorities, enabling us to create an IT strategy [...]