Giving clients better response times

by | Oct 20, 2017 | News

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To speed up our service, we’ve introduced a new ‘ticket’ (job) logging system.

This is in additional option to ringing us or emailing our ‘support’ email team.  Each of these systems works but are relatively manual.  We know that phone calls tie up your time as we write down details and transcribe them into our database.  Emailing our support team can be faster, but it still waits on a person on our support desk to read and converting that information into a ‘ticket’, and it lacks the ability for you to easily add more details.

We thought we could do better!  We’ve therefore set up a new email address which, when it receives your job, it automatically converts your email into a ticket – instantly!

This has two advantages.  The first is a quicker turn around.  Once a ticket is created we can process, assign the job and book time faster.  The other is that you can now add more details to it.

When we receive your email, you will get an acknowledgement email which will look like this:



If you reply to that email, your reply and any attachments will be added to the details on the ticket.

For those that are technically minded, you can have any email you send added to the ticket by including in the subject line Ticket#”the ticket number”.  In the example above: Ticket#55180.

To use this new system just email to .

With it we will have faster turnaround on jobs.