Heads-up:  Microsoft Authenticator Change

by | Sep 15, 2023 | News, Security

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft advised us of a change they are rolling out tomorrow.

The note states the 15th of September, and we realise that’s in the US and it will be Saturday (tomorrow) for us.

When you log in, Microsoft are going to start prompting you to use the Microsoft Authenticator instead of SMS or voice.

Please note that you may get the prompt even if you are already correctly set up!

Their note says that you will be able to ignore this up to three times, and on the third time, you will be required to install it.

Microsoft have made it clear that if you are using SMS or voice call authentication, you WILL have to change.

Microsoft have said this will start rolling out over six weeks, from tomorrow.

While we would have appreciated a little more notice, we do agree that MFA is critical.


We understand that people may want to avoid installing the authenticator on their personal phone.  We understand that for many of these people, the voice or SMS option is preferred.

Our team is urgently working on options for you. Please contact your account manager or site engineer.

In the meantime, we are confident in the Authenticator app.