KARE – Will your support plan need to change?

by | Sep 7, 2023 | News, Security

2008 was a

long time ago.

New Zealand was a different place.

The IT maintenance needs of business were so much simpler!

Locally, there was a change of government. 

Internationally, we were watching the start of the GFC with the fall of Lehman Bros bank.   

In the world of tech, the iPhone was a year old, and the iPad was still two years into the future.

At Kinetics, 2008 was when we designed our KARE plans “Ready Reaction”, “Core Fundamentals” and “Premium KARE”, all centred around the basics – systems needed patching, up-to-date antivirus and thorough, tested backups.

These old KARE plans seem so quaint and naive now!  

As any regular reader knows, thats just not enough anymore.  Even the dedicated optional cyber-security plans that we added to these are no longer enough.

Unfortunately, we still have a few clients that are using these basic plans and we’re worried that they might think they are adequate to protect their organisations.

Let me be clear – they are NOT enough.

They don’t get close to meeting the needs of a cyber-insurer, and frankly, if an insurer won’t take on your cyber-risk, then why would you?

Introducing the new standard – KARE Foundation!

(with an added option of Security Plus for particularly sensitive / high-risk organizations)

The simple and unfortunate reality is that the security layers that used to be enough are no longer adequate.    What seemed to be excessive a year ago is quickly becoming inadequate today, and this trend shows no sign of changing.

Because our old plans are no longer sufficient, we are working to upgrade all our clients to new KARE Foundation agreements and to discontinue support for the old ones by Christmas.

This is a significant project and there is a limit to how many we can upgrade at once.   We will be working on a first-come, first served basis.

Please get in touch with your customer success manager for more information.