Layered Security Works

by | Nov 3, 2023 | News, Security

There is no silver bullet in cyber-security.

Best practice requires layers of protection.

One of those layers is ‘geo-blocking’, which means you can only log in from specified countries and overcomes many of the African and Eastern European hacker fraternities. Unfortunately, it can be overcome by the use of public VPNs. This is hard work but it can be worth it for a hacker targeting a victim.

Last week, one such attempt was made on one of our clients.

The first sign was when the hacker logged into a public financial agency website and masqueraded as their victim. The site belonged to the agency so neither the victim or us have control over it, but fortunately the agency was alert and quickly identified the incident, blocked the intrusion and no harm occurred.

Cyber-Security Lesson :

Make sure ALL the websites and portals you use have complex passwords and MFA turned on.

Next up, the hacker tried to log into our client’s 365, and the use of unique passwords and MFA worked. The hacker was defeated.

For more details on layers, check out KARE Cyber-Security