Are all (cheap) phone and laptop chargers safe?

by | Jun 2, 2021 | News

Finding the best deal

This news scared me!  I’m always looking for slimmer, lighter and more powerful phone chargers. As someone who likes to travel light, but be ready for anything, I always have an eye out for small chargers that can power not just my phone, but also my laptop(s).

A researcher in the UK was bored during their endless lockdown, so he decided to test several different chargers that were available online.

The results:

  • He only received half the items he ordered
  • While the iPhone chargers were supposed to be genuine Apple product, they were all counterfeit.
  • One of the chargers was incorrectly wired and could have given the user a real shock
  • They ALL overheated and could have caused a fire.
  • They didn’t meet the necessary power specifications
  • The ones that didn’t purport to be genuine, but were proudly generic, were the best.


Personally, I have had great success with the third-party chargers I’ve bought. But none were particulary cheap, and all were bought to do something the original manufacturer ones couldn’t do (multiple, high-capacity outputs with standard USB and USB3).

Caveat Emptor!