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Cyber Security Services 

Cyber criminals are more active than ever, infiltrating organisations, stealing and ransoming data.  Kinetics provide information & internet security services. We help you protect your: 

  • Clients
  • Data
  • Private information
  • Identities
  • Financial information
  • Operational uptime
  • Reputation

Nothing can guarantee you won’t be hacked. But you can, and must, mitigate your cyber-risk.

Cyber Security needs to be layered.  It is much like home security: key lock, deadlock, chain/bolt, alarm and now cameras.  Each layer adds an obstacle, but that is all they are. None of them alone will stop someone going in. It hopefully turns them away to find an easier target.

Even the base standard of Multi Factor Authentication is not enough.  There are now 51 ways to hack MFA and they range from very sophisticated to simple user hacks.  

Here it is, easy to find, on Amazon!

Choose a protection level:

Cyber Security S1 plan

Including Anti-malware, URL protection, ATP, Darkweb Monitoring, Exception Alerting, Phishing Tests and Security Briefings.


Cyber Security S2 plan

S1 plus Advanced EDR, Shadow IT Detection, Password Vault, Data Leak Protection, Breach Activity Scans and Deep Vulnerability Scans.


Both Kinetics KARE cyber security plans include a pack of services that help keep your information in, and cyber breaches out! Your data is precious and should be treated as such. The main issue with protecting information is that you can’t lock it away because you need to use it to operate.

With both plans, not only does Kinetics provide protection software, but also education for your staff so they can actively work in the safest way possible and know how to identify potential risk to your organisation. Kinetics will also test them and present you the findings, so no one gets left behind on the security front. From blocking harmful websites, to scanning emails and deep scanning with antivirus, Kinetics has you covered when it comes to cyber security services in NZ.

If you are looking for the best level of protection, the S2 plan provides a much deeper level of cyber security, with endpoint protection and response which alerts users to the risks of a downloaded attachment, disconnects any infiltrated devices from the network you are using, assists with the prevention of internal attacks and help organisations align with insurance compliance for a full circle or protection. S2 is technical support that you need, when you need it, not an app or extension that has been downloaded as a cheap solution to security that has no professional on the other end overseeing security or data privacy issues. And potentially, most important of all,

Kinetics S2 KARE plan provides managed password solutions, so your staff don’t make the all-too-common error of creating easy to guess passwords and never changing them. KARE Password Vault is customised to each business and means not even Kinetics can see into your passwords, or your employees.

Still not sure what plan is best for you? Contact Us here, we’d be happy to help give you the cyber security service you need!

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