Password expiry SOLVED

by | Apr 2, 2017 | News

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These days it seems everyone has multiple devices.  Desktops, tablet’s, smart phones, iPad and Surfaces.   With more choices of what we work on, we have more choices about how, where and when we work.

But not all these devices have the same abilities, which results in behavioral inconsistencies.  As we become more mobile, it’s becoming more common for people to miss a notification about password expiry.   With modern hacking practices it’s very dangerous to disable password expiry.  Therefore, we need other tools to help alert and manage them.

One solution is an application that will email staff when their password is due to expire.  It can be setup to alert at three intervals (eg 14, 7 and 3 days).  It can also send a daily list to someone warning of all pending expirations.  The application is free and takes about an hour to configure.

If this sounds useful for your organization, your Account Manager or Engineer can arrange to have this installed.