15 Jun 2021 | Security


 Password Vaults and You

With more and more websites necessary for our everyday activities, it’s getting harder and harder to manage passwords. By now, you will know not to write passwords on post-it notes and paste them on your screen. Its not uncommon for most people to use the same username and password on a number of sites, particularly on sites we think are less important – for example hotel websites or some news sites.

The problem is that when (not if) these get breached, your username and password get into the hands of bad actors – and they can poke and prod other sites on the internet and test where else you may used one of these passwords, or a simple variation.

Of course, we can’t easily remember hundreds of passwords, especially complex ones. We need an easy way. Hence a password vault.

But then the question you’ll ask is “what happens if the vault is breached?” You need a super secure vault. Something that easily remembers, (and creates) complex passwords for you and your colleagues – personal and work – and operates on Windows, Mac and mobiles. It needs to be SOC2 certified so you know its secure.

What can a password vault offer you?

  • No more remembering dozens of passwords
  • Faster access to websites and applications
  • Centralized system for both corporate and personal passwords
  • Folders to organize and categorize credentials
  • Automatic generation of audits and reports to help with tracking and compliance
  • Improve the security you provide your colleagues by promoting a password management system you trust
  • Use strong password strings to thwart hackers
  • Receive a notification of all the passwords of departing employees so clients can remove their access to company systems
  • Give clients the tools to granularly grant employee access to employee systems and networks
  • Meet compliance measures with comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Users can access their Site credentials quickly and easily through the native mobile apps on iOS and Android®, auto-fill to log in to websites, and apps on mobile devices
  • Cross-browser extension for Google, Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and Chromium-based browsers

What’s your next step? We’ve created a simple 9-point checklist to help you navigate the cyber-risk landscape and find the right solution for you.

Either get the Kinetics KARE Password Vault as part of KARE for Security S2 plan

or you can subscribe to this standalone for $20 + GST per month for 5 users

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